Piano Pedagogy Group

PPG was created for student teachers who are interested in pursuing an Associateship Diploma and becoming a Registered Music Teacher.

Who Can Join?

  • piano students with at least Grade 8 Piano and who are currently studying with a teacher (the teacher does not have to be a member of ARMTA)
  • students who are currently teaching or intending to teach
  • all ages are welcome! (teenagers to seniors)

What Does PPG Do?

We meet monthly to discuss piano pedagogy, attend conferences and events, learn, read, grow, and provide mentorship opportunities.

Where Are Meetings Held?

We meet monthly in the homes of our membership and advisors.

Why Join PPG?

  • receive event and workshop information from the ARMTA e-mail list
  • learn from distinguished clinicians
  • learn from advisors
  • perform in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere
  • participate in the PPG spring festival
  • meet with other teachers to socialize and exchange ideas
  • borrow materials from the PPG library

When Are Meetings?

Meetings are held the second Sunday of each month at 6:00pm from September through June.

How Do I Join?

Contact PPG advisor Katrina Thompson Fost with inquiries.  Show up at any meeting and attend with no obligation to join.  For more information, please visit our blog.