• Liability Insurance:  The policy is “non-restrictive”. In other words, the insurance not only covers your home and office.  It also protects members when a recital is held in a mall, a library, a church, or other venue. In many cities this type of insurance is now required of teachers who wish to have students perform in public settings.
  • ARMTA Website:  Both the ARMTA Provincial and ARMTA Calgary websites provide information for students looking for teachers, links to Provincial ARMTA, branch contacts, membership lists, conveners and much more. For teachers, there is membership information, upcoming events and more.
  • Membership Directory:  All members are able to access the Member Directory online through the Member’s Only section.
  • Subscription to Impromptu and Tempo:  Calgary ARMTA publishes Impromptu twice per year. ARMTA Provincial publishes Tempo two times each year.
  • RMT Designation:  Members are entitled to use the RMT (Registered Music Teacher) designation.



  • Performance Opportunities:  Student recitals are scheduled throughout the year to provide students of members valuable performance opportunities. Recitals are scheduled prior to examination sessions and music festivals to provide students with an opportunity to air their repertoire.
  • Honours Recital & Awards:  Students of ARMTA Calgary members who obtain the highest marks in the city from the Royal Conservatory of Music and the Conservatory Canada receive various awards and prizes. Winners are also invited to perform at the awards recital in January. Categories for scholarships include: keyboards, woodwinds, brass, guitar, accordion and voice.
  • Student Achievement Awards/Bursaries:  ARMTA Calgary is proud to offer scholarships/bursaries at the Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival, C3 Concerto Competition, Contemporary Showcase and the Calgary Arts Summer School.
  • Workshops and Master Classes:  ARMTA Calgary hosts several different workshops and/or master classes for teachers and students to further their music education.
  • Listing on ARMTA Calgary Directories:  Members are listed on the ARMTA Calgary website with links to members’ e-mail addresses and/or websites for prospective students.
  • Member Meetings & Lectures:  Two general meetings are held throughout the year, in which a guest speaker usually presents on a topic of interest to members. The Annual General Meeting is held in March. The ARMTA Calgary Executive meets bi-monthly. Members are invited to participate at any or all meetings.
  • Advertising:  ARMTA Calgary runs print advertising in various locations throughout the year (e.g., Calgary’s Child magazine, Homeschooler’s Guide) to ensure that ARMTA is before the public as much as possible. Our brochures are available at most area music stores and at the Calgary’s Child Fair. We are working on several new and profitable approaches for advertising.
  • Piano Pedagogy Group (PPG):  PPG offers student-teachers monthly workshops, demonstration lessons, performance practice, attendance at ARMTA supported events and subscriptions to Impromptu.