Choosing a Teacher

Points to consider in selecting a teacher include:

  • Musical education
  • Level of experience
  • Personality
  • Studio
  • Atmosphere
  • Type of programme offered

A good foundation is essential to the study of any art or science. Therefore, it is especially important that the beginning student have the best possible teacher.

What is a Registered Music Teacher (RMT)?

When it comes to music, “RMT” means “Registered Music Teacher”. Members of all the provincial registered music teachers’ associations must hold a music teacher’s certificate or diploma from a School of Music or a University music degree and have a record of four years teaching. This ensures a high standard of education and a commitment to the profession. Registered Music Teachers are also members of the national association (CFMTA-FCAPM) of over 3,200 members.

Benefits of Studying with a Registered Music Teacher (RMT)

  • Assurance of qualified, knowledgeable instruction.
  • Opportunities for performance at:
    • Music festivals
    • Examinations
    • Public Recitals
    • Studio Recitals and Master Classes
    • Canada Music Week Celebrations
    • National & Provincial Student Competitions
  • Opportunities for students to receive scholarships, both in practical and theoretical subjects.
  • Opportunities for advanced students to develop the applied pedagogical knowledge and experience needed to obtain a Teacher’s Associate Diploma.

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