Find a Teacher

Use the map below to help you find an ARMTA teacher:

ARMTA members are accepted into membership on the basis of their education. It is the responsibility of the student and his/her parent or guardian to choose a teacher suitable for the learner.

Search for… will search for instruments, subjects taught, city or town, names, and teacher descriptions. This will return the greatest number of results, particularly for theoretical subjects like rudiments, history, harmony, counterpoint, analysis, or composition. It will also display teachers who teach any instrument (including piano, voice, guitar, or any string, woodwind, or brass instrument) even if it is not their primary Registered Subject. Subjects taught are at the discretion of the teacher.

Search by Registered Subject… will filter results for teachers who hold that subject as a Registered Subject. Registered Subjects have been verified by ARMTA as the main instrument and/or subject in which the teacher holds a degree or diploma. Affiliate members hold a Grade 9 or 10 certificate or an equivalent and do not have registered subjects.

Not all ARMTA members choose to be included in the Find a Teacher directory.